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The Rising Popularity Of Male Waxing

I can't help noticing that more and more guys are turning to waxing, and I've been asking my clients for their input it turns out there reasons for getting waxed are many and varied:-

Many clients have tattoos and piercings that they want to display they can be seen more clearly on a waxed body.

Some of my clients are gay and transgender and enjoy being well-groomed

Waxing is considered essential in the bodybuilding community especially at competitive level.

Sportsman such as Horse-riders, cyclists, footballers, swimmers, divers etc. very often prefer their body waxed and feel that it gives them the competitive edge. Some Sportsman require regular massage to encourage peak performance which can be uncomfortable when body hair is long.

Waxing is especially popular with men whose occupations require them to be sat down a lot such as lorry drivers, taxi drivers and office workers less warmth and perspiration.

Many men choose waxing as they feel it is cleaner and more hygienic it is cooler and there is less chance of perspiration and infections.

For a more youthful look if you’ve reached that age where your body hair has turned white and wiry or where hair has started sprouting out of the tops of your shoulders, your nostrils and ears and your eyebrows are getting out of hand. A full body wax can take care of it all - waxing can take years off you.

A smooth look is more aesthetically pleasing and sexy to yourself and your partner. Some believe their gentials look bigger and they have increased sensitivity.

Some are pressured into getting waxed by their partner and family

Some clients feel uncomfortable removing their top in public if they have body hair and have a wax before their holidays if they are going to a hot location

Some of my muslim clients have been trying to keep their hair no longer than a grain of rice which involves a lot of grooming they are relieved when they discover waxing

Naturists, Models and those that work in adult industry all prefer to be hair free and genrally opt for a full body wax.

One thing is for sure body hair is definitely becoming less acceptable to British guys.

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