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The Lowdown on Unisex Leg Waxing

"Leg waxing is the number one choice for hassle free hair removal on the legs. It beats shaving hands down who needs nicks, razor burns, ingrown hair and stubble? If you are looking for smooth hair free legs and long lasting results then waxing is the choice for you."

The Cons Of Shaving Your Legs Every Day."

Who has got time to shave every day with all it’s drawbacks. Your legs can end up looking like a war zone with nicks, razor burns and ingrown hairs. This is a chore that needs take care of everyday to avoid coarse stubble and five o clock shadow on your legs. Not a pretty look! Stubble isn’t sexy. Life’s too short to be spending all this time shaving your legs daily.

The Benefits of Leg Waxing.

Visiting a waxing salon is so much easier, you can lay back and let the professionals take care of you. Most people experience mild discomfort the first time or two but you soon get used to it. The benefits are great it’s long lasting, you won’t have to think about how you are going to maintain your smooth legs , or expend any effort - just book in every four weeks. As an added benefit you will find your hair weakens and grows back finer and sparser.

Where To Get Your Legs Waxed?

Choose a qualified and experienced waxing esthetician and check out the reviews. You might be tempted by deals on Groupon and Treatwell etc. but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Waxing at home may seem like a viable option, but beware you are not qualified and experienced waxer it’s going to hurt more and may get messy. The wax kits you can purchase from the chemist sometimes don’t have high quality effective products. An experienced waxer waxes day in and day out and is normally quite fast and can wax any body part with professional products and can take care of your leg hair with ease. The experience is a lot more comfortable if it’s a quick process.

What Happens During Your Leg Wax?

You will be asked a few questions maybe re. sensitivity or diabetes to assess your suitability. You will be left to undress and lie on the bed. Your waxing may use talc on your legs to absorb any moisture and to protect your skin. There are two types of wax hot wax (often used for bikini waxes and male hollywoods) and warm wax for a large surface area like your legs warm wax would be used. The wax is applied in the direction the hair grows, and then a wax strip would be smoothed over the top and removed taking the hair with it. Oil is used to remove any traces of was and soothe the skin in addition waxing lotions or aloe vera gel can be used to soothe the skin.

Men’s Leg Waxes

Men get their legs waxed too, and for all kinds of reasons. Sportsmen like kickboxers, boxers, cyclists and swimmers frequently prefer to have their legs waxed. On the more professional side of sports where even a fraction of a second could mean the difference between a gold or silver it is believed to be more aerodynamic. Some guys have tattoos on their legs and they can be seen more clearly on hairless skin. Leg waxing is not just the domain of women.

Transgender and Transexual Leg Waxes.

It’s important in this day and age that waxing salons provide a fully inclusive service where every adult is welcome and catered for and made to feel comfortable.Some of our trans clients like smooth legs and our encouraged to book in under the gender they identify with. (Prices can of course vary)

Different Types Of Leg Waxes

At Wax It @ Delucia Holistics we provide the following types of leg waxes on our menu at our waxing studio:-

Back of Thigh - some people like to take care of their hair removal themselves but there are some bits they can’t reach.

Three quarter Leg- This includes feet and half way up to thigh

Half Leg - includes lower leg, feet and knees

Full Leg - feet and right the way up the thighs

Full Leg and basic bikini or speedo - this includes the feet and right the way up to the crease of the leg

Advice For A Painless Effective Wax.

If it’s your first wax you can trim you need 5mm, which is about a quarter of an inch. If you normally shave the hair will be the correct length after 1 to 2 weeks depending on your hair growth. If your hair is overly long your wax will be more uncomfortable.

Stay hydrated, so the hair is not brittle and does not break off

You can take a painkiller or anti-inflammatory at least twenty minutes before your wax.

If possible avoid getting waxed a week before and after your period. Your pain threshold is lower at this time and your skin may be more sensitive at this time. You may find you are more sensitive during pregnancy too.

Keep your caffeine intake to a minimum prior to your wax as this can increase your sensitivity too.

Post Wax Advice

Wear loose clothing after your wax for maximum comfort leave the skinny jeans at home.

Avoid heat and friction.

Exfoliate every couple of days after your wax you can use a body scrub or loofah, to make sure the hair follicles remain healthy and prevent ingrown hairs.

Keep your skin moisturised.

Whatever you don’t shave or use other forms of hair removal. If you treally can’t bear the hair then book an appointment after a fortnight. It can take up to four leg waxes for your hair to fall into a growth cycle that gives the same results.

We offer fully comprehensive waxing service at Wax It @ Delucia Holistics, our studio is based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Centre and you can book online via our home page or by calling on 07449 844 122.

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