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Back Hair Removal For Guys; The Comprehensive Guide.

While there are A lot of options when it comes to back hair removal. The easiest and quickest method is a visit to your local waxing salon for a professional back wax.

At Wax It @ Delucia Holistics a back and shoulder wax is one of the most popular waxing treatments we have on offer. Our clients find the level of discomfort minimal, and the treatment is over within 15 - 20 minutes. Why would you choose anything else?

What Are The Different Methods of Back Hair Removal?

Hair removal creams - the smell can be offputting and you’re going to need a lot of product but it does the job it removes the hair and you will probably be hair free for one or two weeks. You may have to strech the bounds of friendship to get someone to help you with the application on a regular basis.

Back Hair Shaving - You may want to buy one of those nifty long handled shavers you can get from Amazon. The chances are you are still going to end up with nicks, razor burns & ingrown hairs. When your love runs their hand down your back they are not going to feel smooth silky skin - they will feel stubble. You are going to need to shave frequently.

DIY Waxing - You can purchase waxing kits from the high street. There are a variety of types and the quality and effectiveness is not always consistent. You will not be able to do this yourself but waxing removes the body hair and inhibits hair growth. Is the person you are roping in to help you a professional? Well the whole process could be long, uncomfortable & messy.

Professional Wax- Your waxing esthetician waxes day in day out, they are experienced quick and can wax you with minimal discomfort using the most effective products and techniques.

Where Can I Get My Wax?

See If your trusted friends can recommend you a waxing place in the local area. Alternatively search for a waxing salon online and check the reviews before visiting. Make sure your waxing specialist is qualified with at least one years experience.

What are The different Types of Wax Offered?

At Wax It at Delucia Holistics we offer the following back waxing treatments on our male waxing menu, and a customised treatment can be offered if this is not what the client wants.

  1. Small of the back wax

  2. Back and shoulders wax

  3. Back wax

  4. Shoulders wax

What is the cost of a back wax?

The cost varies from place to place and which areas of the back that are being waxed. On average you could be charged anything from £10 to £45.

What Will Happen During My Waxing Appointment?

Just book yourself in and turn up for your appointment your waxing esthetician will ask a few questions at the start of your treatment and leave you to remove your clothing and lie on the bed on your tummy. There are two main types of wax hot wax (frequently used on bikini lines and for male hollywoods) and warm wax. For a large surface area such as your back warm wax is the best option. The body is prepared with talc or a cleansing prep spray and the wax is applied with a spatula following the direction of the hair growth. Next a strip is applied and removed taking the hair with it, until all the hair has been removed. To finish soothing lotion or aloe vera is applied. Your esthetician will be doing their best to put you at ease and chatting with you throughout.

How Often Should I Get Waxed?

This comes down to personal choice really, some clients only get waxed before holidays abroad once or twice a year. Some clients just visit the waxing salon when they are dating. Other clients choose to be waxed every four weeks as they want a smooth look year round. It takes about three or four regular(every four weeks) visits to get the best longest lasting finish after this visits can be sometimes extended to five or six weeks.

Post Wax Tips

  • Wear loose clothing

  • Avoid sweating

  • Avoid heat and friction

  • Exfoliate

  • Moisturise

If you wish to book in for a wax at Wax It @ Delucia Holistics our studio is based in Manchester City Centre, Northern Quarter you can book online 24/7 via our home page alternatively you can call us on 07449 844 122. We offer evening and Sunday appointments for your convenience.

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